International language consultancy

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We can start from the beginning to help you to develop an clear, identifiable language for every country in which you wish to have a presence. Work with us to create what are known as Style Guides to help give your company an unmistakeable image all over the world. Our concept of Global Language Solutions makes sure the language you use is consistent on a worldwide basis.

Let our experts analyse your texts. Are you speaking clearly? Are you presenting a positive, capable background? And, last but not least: Is your message getting across to you target audience properly? In short: are they a suitable advertisement for your product? Typographical errors and quirky grammar can be a turn off for customers looking for a professional company to trade with. And there is something else worth knowing: A text which comes across well in one country can, when translated, completely miss the needs of the target audience in another country. It all starts with the choice of product name.

Only someone who has grown up and lives in a country can be completely familiar with national peculiarities and mentalities which have developed over time. And ignoring them can have fatal consequences for your market image. Our language experts can help you hit the right note every time as they are at home in your target market and, to a certain extent, are part of your target audience.

The benefits for you:
  • Your products speak a clear, unique language - whatever country you are in
  • You can be sure that your message will be perfectly understood on an international basis.

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