Quality Assurance

We have set the standard at perfection

Whether it is our employees or our partners: Think'Z only works with the best. All our potential employees and suppliers undergo a strict testing procedure and must have not only extensive experience in their area but also excellent references.

We have different specialist translators for every sector, as the top translator for the IT sector is rarely the right person for aerodynamics, and someone who can wheedle out all the subtleties of a complex legal text may well be lost on marketing content. We also work exclusively with native speakers living in their own countries in order to guarantee that their specialist terminology and their feeling for the language are in top form at all times.

Of course, the same applies to our proof-readers who check all the texts we produce, not only for linguistic accuracy but also for compliance with given terminology, style guides and regional requirements. All texts are also spelling and grammar-checked before being sent out to the client.

In terms of software localisation, our beta testing team guarantees that all functions work perfectly and that the product is technically and linguistically perfect before it is launched.

State-of-the-art communications technology and our own in-house project management software allow us to keep in contact with all those involved at all times and enable us to work with employees and partners all over the world with very low levels of frictional loss and minimum processing times.

The benefits for you:

  • When you work with Think'Z, quality is not a luxury, it's the default.
  • Highly-qualified translators, proof-readers and beta testers ensure that everything is perfect in terms of the language, the product and the technology.

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