Technical Translation

Maximum quality and minimum delivery times

Think'Z is one of the leading translation agencies for technical translation. For more than 20 years, we have been translating both purely technical documentation, such as user manuals and data sheets, and marketing documents, including product and image brochures, press releases and newsletters into virtually every language in the world.

Top-notch quality in terms of both language and content is our top priority. We achieve this by specialising, and by selecting our translators carefully.

We have been translating mainly technical and related documents since 1993. By focussing on this single segment, we have managed to obtain excellent know-how in the field. Our expertise ranges from IT and navigation through consumer electronics and household appliances to complex industrial systems used in energy and environmental engineering, aviation, aerodynamics and medical technology.

Qualification of our translators:
It goes without saying that all our translators are native speakers. They have either completed a degree in translation before specialising in one of the technical areas or they are engineers in their subject with additional translation qualifications. We select our translators based on their CVs and references and ask them to complete difficult test translations which are proof-read and evaluated by specialist translators we know and trust. Not only does the translation need to be technically flawless, it also needs to read well and be appropriate to the target readership. We have been working with most of our translators for many years because they have a proven track record of producing results the customers like. Our translators work in the country where their native language is spoken as this is the only way to guarantee that they are familiar with all the changes the language goes through. Technology is developing at an alarming pace and spawning all sorts of new specialist terms. Having a finger on the pulse of changing terminology is a decisive factor in the quality of technical translations.

In order to guarantee consistent terminology, we can produce terminology databases for our customers if they wish. We use translation software which supports terminology management. We also use consistent teams of translators for each customer, so the translators are familiar with the customer's specific products and requirements.

Last but not least, you can expect very short delivery times from Think'Z. Streamlined project management and flat hierarchies ensure that all projects run smoothly.

The benefits for you:

Your texts are:

  • technically flawless
  • formulated with the target readership in mind
  • intrinsically consistent
  • and back on your desk in no time

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